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Power (Black & White)

This article was written in Sep/Oct 2023 (Edited May 2024)

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Power (Black & White)
by Malobi M S Sinha

The words of Paul Hanna’s book, ‘Believe and Achieve’ have never rung more true

I always believed in a Higher Power protecting and loving me

He was with me through thick and thin

But You came

You chased away the monsters, and are holding me close

What seemed only a dream is in fact reality - the Impossible is now a Fact

All the times I dreamt of You, it seemed I was a mad-woman to dream of an Angel so Pure and True

You have made me achieve all my Dreams, and are now an Integral part of my Life, my Husband and Love, my Lover in all forms. My sweet Most Beautiful Lord Ganesha

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