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I loved

You through

The days

Of our lives

I will

Love you


As a


In my


(Jan 2023)



The days
Are entwined
Like the
Up high 

(Jan 2023)



Jesus is King

4H Holy Quintrinity

The Golden Age  - The Age of Truth, The Golden Dawn

Real Revenge

Legend of the Phoenix

Some of Malobi's Selected Poetry is featured here:

This poem was published in Le Nouveau Monde Vert in 2008



I am flame

I am the wind

In the trees

I am she who you

Call when the chips

Are down; the one

Who comes to you

At your call.

I am your mother

Your wife

Your daughter

And child;

I am the flame

In your heart

I will tear you apart

On a whim

If you know not

Who I am; I will render

You senseless, useless,

Battered and down

If you abuse any part

Of my whole;

But love me

And you will get

The just rewards

Of love returned

Salvation unfolded;

I am a part

Of your whole

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