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I loved

You through

The days

Of our lives

I will

Love you


As a


In my


(Jan 2023)



The days
Are entwined
Like the
Up high 

(Jan 2023)


Some of Malobi's

Kalki Jesus are King

The Age of Gold, Satya Yuga

The Rise of the Phoenix

This poem was published in Le Nouveau Monde Vert in 2008



I am flame

I am the wind

In the trees

I am she who you

Call when the chips

Are down; the one

Who comes to you

At your call.

I am your mother

Your wife

Your daughter

And child;

I am the flame

In your heart

I will tear you apart

On a whim

If you know not

Who I am; I will render

You senseless, useless,

Battered and down

If you abuse any part

Of my whole;

But love me

And you will get

The just rewards

Of love returned

Salvation unfolded;

I am a part

Of your whole

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pic credits:

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